Paracaidismo en Mexico
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Paracaidismo en Tequesquitengo
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Additional Information:
In tandem jump instructor and student jumping linked via a double harness with one main parachute. It requires prior training ground where different aspects of the jump, mainly related to safety are explained. A special tandem harness which follows the student body is used. The jump is done from a height ranging between 9,000 and 15,000 feet above ground level, giving between 75-25 seconds of freefall.

The speed during the descent in free fall is about 200kms / h, often accompanies a cameraman who records everything the jump on video and / or taking pictures. About 5,000 feet the instructor opens the main parachute, leaving between 5 and 10 minute flight to land. Depending on wind conditions, you can terminate landing standing or sitting in case of wind or too little weight the couple.

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 An adventure from the air: Skydive in Tequesquitengo, Morelos

Parachuting tandem in Tequesquitengo

The jumps are made from the Aerodrome Tequesquitengo is located in the town of San Jos� Vista Hermosa, Morelos, near the Lake of Tequesquitengo, at approximately 1:30 am in Mexico City and 20 minutes from Cuernavaca.

Any aviation activity depends on good weather conditions, which usually are those that are always present in Tequesquitengo and in the state of Morelos. Conditions such as rain or strong winds make this impracticable sport. If he could not make his leap from this circumstance may change the date of your jump without additional payment.


 Hours you choose to book the jump in Tequesquitengo::

  Daily from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.  

 Duration of the activity:

  Because this is an outdoor activity and use of airspace, which is subject to weather and controlled airspace restrictions, it is suggested to have up to four hours of stay at the club.  

 Hop types and price per person:

  • A 9,000 feet (35 seconds of free fall): 2,420 MXN
  • A 13,000 feet (55 sec free fall.): 2.785 MXN
  • Transfer round-trip Mexico City - Tequesquitengo - Mexico City per person (minimum 2 pax): 1.320 MXN
  Must book and prepay services by deposit, bank transfer or credit card. A sale will receive a coupon online booking as proof of payment already and space, which will show before taking the transport and upon arrival at the skydiving club confirmed.  


  • All jumps are done with an instructor for their own safety who it is that will open the parachute at the right time the jump.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear for landing.
  • Remember that skydiving is a high risk activity, so it is certainly important that before you decide where COMPARES safety equipment (parachute) and facilities as well as the experience of instructors and aircraft you will be making the flight.
  • People who weigh between 90 and 100 kg are quoted separately as other equipment and parachutes is required.

Aerial view of Tequesquitengo lake

  Parachuting in Tequesquitengo, Mexico  
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