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Tulum, enigmatic Mayan city, a rectangular of 380 m in length from north to south and 165 m from east to west, located alongside the coastal strip of the Mayan Rivera in the Yucatán Peninsula. This important archeological complext is found 132 km south of Cancun and a kilometer from a town with the proper tourism infrastructure. Once you reach the entrance of the historic deposit, you can get to the archeological area both walking or on board a two wagon train that travels the kilometer from one to the other site.

The Tulum archeological area is one of the most beautiful areas of the Mayan Riviera. It combines the mystery of the ancient Mayan culture with the beauty of the Caribbean Sea that bathes its coasts. Tulum is divided into three different areas, the Hotel section, the town and the archeological region. In the first you will find some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean coast and it is distinguished by its architectural simplicity showing profound respect for the environment; its rustic cabins and small hotels were constructed in hamony with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

The former walled city, constructed over a 12 m clif with a view of the Caribbean Sea, includes the vestiges of one of hte most exquisite cities in the Mayan world. Probably constructed for ports, Tulum had five entrances and two towers that, according to experts, are clear evidence of the strict control over the city. The city of Tulum belongs to the area knows asTankah, Tulum and Hel-Há. The precincts that is mostly highlighted within the archeological areas are: El Castillito, Templo de Dios Descendiente, Templo de los Frescos. Anothers of interests are also: Templo de Dios del Viento, the Casa del Cenote, Casa de las Columnas and the Kukulkán group.

Filled with incomparable natural beauty, the region has a marvellous tropical jungle that is home to a series of natural pools which the ancient Mayans called “Cenotes” which are perfect for diving.

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