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Tlaxcala is a small state and one of the oldest in the Republic of Mexico; it is a treasure of colonial architecture for the enchanted of its urban and religious constructions of the 16th, and 19th centuries, which constitutes an incredible heritage. This small city which means “Place of Tortillas or Corn Bread”, with its red tones that shows off its buildings has a mixture of baroque and neo classic styles with a Mexican touch that defines the area.

The colonial history that the city holds is inscribed in the Temples, Chapels, Porches, Civic Squares, Municipal Palaces and the Government Palace in the city of Tlaxcala. Its facades combine the plaster bricks with glazed tiles creating a unique esthetics called popular baroque or tlaxcalteca.

This region also has a pre hispanic lineage conserving archeological zones seen today and are for a traveler another proof of the magnificent Mexican culture. If you visit the Xicontecantl and Cacaxtla pyramids, places of gods and nature, you will take a firm step in enjoying the wonders found outdoors, at the disposition of History and Land.

Tlaxcala, with another of its legendary meaning “En el Peñasco” and which also makes reference in every corner of the area of a story or legend, also invites you to learn about its traditions, popular parties, arts and crafts and cuisine fairs. It is also an excellent meeting point to experiment the daily life and its deep rooted customs that forms together with its beautiful architecture and beautiful archeological constructions, an irresistible magic of forms, colors and flavors.

Tlaxcala Estate
A tour through the Tlaxcala estate offers a traveler an unique experience of life in the Mexican countryside, a contact with nature in the powerful mountains, valleys and rivers including its history. The estates, birthplace of notable and courageous bulls are large cattle properties that dates back to the colonial period and the first years of Independence. Its beautiful nature and historic value of its constructions, chapels, workign installations, rodeos, has turned it into a popular destination for a visitor that arrives to Mexico.

The Tlaxcala estate stands out for its excellent state of conservation and because work in the countryside is still conserved, it is a living museum of the way of life of the Mexican cattle ranchers.

You can still get lost through its elegant colonial gardens, taste its exquisite cuisine prepared in its traditional way with fresh products from the land or courageously admire and skills of the riders that participate in the ranching sectors.

The raising of lidia bulls and its training session are part of the daily lives in the estates. The bravery and beauty of these animals get together with the landscape of dawn full of romanticism and warmness.

This archeological zone that fascinates everyone due to its pre hispanic buildings decorated inside with mural paintings. Cacaxtla has a singular aspect in its construction, it is found on a hill where you can observe a valley. One of the main attractions for a vacationer are the South and North Murals where you can find the cultural richness and diversity of the mysterious ancestral inhabitatns of the area.

Together with this impressing archeological jewel you will find the Xicontecantl pyramid, where the end of winter gives way to the spring, season of nature that implies a new stage of hope and renovated life for cultures that established in the area. It is a wonder of nature where the sun moves and its intense rays dominate each essential point of the mystic site.
The top of the pyramid is a strategic point that offers you a previleged view of the three main volcanos in the center of Mexico: Popocapetl, iztlazihuatl and Malinche. The legends that accompany these volcanos is alive in the area.

This tour through nature and history magically combine to make a trip a combination of harmony and expectation of greens and yellow surrounding your view.

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