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Tamaulipas   Tamaulipas   Tamaulipas


  Entertainment, History and Culture:
- Regional History Museum.
- Planetarium.
- Natural History Museum.
- Art Home.
- Amalia G. de Castillo Ledón Teatre
- Reynosa History Museum.
- Reforma Teatre.
- Tamaulipas´ Contemporary Art Museum.
- Isauro Alfaro Plaza.

- Nuestra Señora del Refugio Basilica.
- Cathedral of Reynosa.
- Cathedral of Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
- San Juan Bosco Church.

Archeological Sites:
- Balcon de Montezuma Archeological Area.
- El Sabinito.

Towns: City of Madero, Tampico, City of Victoria, Reynosa, Matomoros.

Aventures, Ecotourism and Water Sports:
- Tamaulipas XXI Century Cultural and Recreational Park.
- Carpintero Lagoon.
- El Cairel Laguna Ecological Park.
- Cascadas River, Guayalejo River, Frío River.
- Cañón de la Servilleta.
- Nacimiento of Río Mante.
- El Cielo Biosphere Reserve.
- Natural Los Nogales Resort.
- La Escondida Park.

Beaches: Miramar, Bagdad, La Playita.

Golf: Reynosa Camping Club.
  • Misión Las Fuentes
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The conjuction of habitat of Tamaulipas allows a rich mixture of nature that captivates anyone that looks at its peculiar beauty. It’s an state with representative geographic characteristics, mountain ranges, lagoons, rivers and a vast costal line, are some of the environments that make up this destination. Located to the north, bordering the United States with the state of Texas and in Mexico next to the states of Nuevo Leon, San Luis Potosi and Veracruz. With a territorial extension of 79 829 square kilometers, it is divided in 43 municipalities. Its main cities are: Reynosa, Madero City, Nuevo Laredo, Tampico, Matamoros and the capital city Victoria.

The richness of Tamaulipas does not only reflect in its contrasting landscape and the heights of its mountains; but also in the fertile plains in the warmth and frankness of its people, the rhythm of its dances in addition to the flavor of its typical cuisine and the different arts and crafts. You can visit several museums and cultural centers that will have a visitor learn on the history of Tamaulipas.

The activities of Tamaulipas can be diverse due to the variety of its ecosystems, kayak, ecotourism activities, kappel, mountain climbing, mountain biking, boat rides, camping, bird watching, sports fishing, as the state is considered famous for sports fresh water fishing, thanks to its reservoirs and rivers. In addition, you can also find various clubs dedicated to fishing in Tamaulipas.

The eastern Sierra Madre reaches its heights in the state’s southwestern region. The highlights include the Sierra de Tamaulipas, Sierra de San Carlos and the in the eastern portion of the sea you can fing Sierra de San Jose de las Rusas. Among the most recognized places to visit in Tamaulipas are La Cueva de El Abra, El Nacimiento, Cañon del Novillo, Cañon de la Peregrina, Cañon de la Servilleta, Tamatán Zoo, lagoons like el Chairel and the Carpintero, where you can carry out countless number of water activities, in addition to beaches like Miramar and Baghdad.

Among the best areas is the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. A visitor must not forget the El Sabinito and el Balcon de Montezuma archeological sites. A visit to the pictoresque towns is a must and can offer you the possibility of getting to know interesting sites.

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