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Some 110 kilometers from Mexico City you will find the city of Puebla, founded with the name of “City of Angeles”. Full of religious and traditons, Pueble offers a traveler some of the most precious treasures, its art and Mexican cultures. Another name of the the Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, is the city of churches. It is one of the hundreds of temples, convents and monasteries that is located in the city where art and skills of arts and craftmen of the town find its manifestations.

The Cathedral of Puebla is a starting point to begin a tour through the historic center. The impotent construction and the infinite details of baroque style of the New Spain will not give the eye any rest. The Rosario Chapel will dazzle a visitor with its area plated with gold and fine art that decorate the entity.

The Temple’s patio with glazed tile impresses you with its live and harmonic colors with the Telavera ceramics, pride of the town’s rich arts and crafts. Not only is the religious architecture majestic. Civil buildings like the Municipal Palace or the Palafoxiana Library are doors to time that transport the traveler to a distant time through its beauty.

Traditional techniques when producing ceramics are still used by the city’s artisans. A few kilometers from the city of Puebla you will find the Cholula archeological sites, one of the most beautiful sites in old Mexico. It deals with one of the most incredible monuments that dazzle everyone due to its huge pyramids. These buildings have an altitude two time smore of the El Sol Pyramid in Teotihuacan and are four times larger in volumn than the Keops pyramid in Egypt. The city that shined between the beginnings of the time of Christ to the 16th century was for years hiddle in this prodigious land. The construction was made in honor of the God of the Rain with its nature essence. This tour is a magical trup between the Land and the Gods and you can see all its wonders, butterfly murals, figures and all its divine landscapes. To discover this piece of city is to live history constructed by others and enter in contact with cultures that are part of humanity.

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