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Five hours from Mexico City you will find the beautiful and gentle Oaxaca, city of mountains and colonial treasures. Its picturesque streets in magical places show the history of its culture, cuisine, religion and its colonial estate. In the heart of the historic center you can find the emblematic public square, surrounded by archs and full of gardens that encicles an intimate environment creating a perfect atmosphere for a nice walk. The layout of this place dates back to 1529 and after successive architectual refurbishing it acquired its porfiriano style. The archs that are a fundamental park of this stype is home to commerce from restaurants with typical food, book stores, arts and crafts and coffee shops. You can enjoy what is called as the oaxaqueño coffee and enjoy another of the delicacies that this Mexican state offers the world: the exquisite chocolate elaborated the traditional way in Oaxaca.

On one side of the plaze you can find the Cathedral of Asunción, the most important temple in the city. Its facade has a unique barroque stype highlighting its extensive porch and its two towers which include bells. The construction of the basillica began in 1535 and its long history was reformed and reconstructed until obtaining its current architectural form. In its interior it holds a vast collection of sacred art that includes sculptures, oil paintings, including pieces by renowned European artists.

The former Convent of Santo Domingo might be the most impressive colonial construction in Mexico and after the long process of restauration it is an impeccable example of the refined ricelegal. A cultural complex current works there whose modern museum includes valuable collections that reflect the history of Oaxacan art. The way the people from Oaxaca have taken care of its legacy have made them deserve the distinction of World Heritage Site given by UNESCO to the city´s historic center.

Pacific Oaxacan People:
The beaches of Oaxaca offers a visitor a scenery dominated by untouched nature. The bays surrounded by mountains are the distinctive imprint of the Pacific Coast, where man has learned to live in harmony with nature. The open beaches exposed to the ocean, are a paradise for those that love surfing. The Zicatela Beach is the perfect scene to enjoy this magnificent adventure. Its waves form rapid tubes for those that love the emotion of the water sport. The peaceful town of Mazunte combines one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific with an atmosphere for those that want to rest and be in harmony with nature. Nature is present in each moment: from the birds that fly over its coasts to the tortoises that have their sanctuary there in order to reproduce. This area combines the peaceful afternoons in the beach with the romanticism of the nights with lit candles and the pleasure to enjoy a dinner with the sound of the waves to the moonlight.

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