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Michoacán   Michoacán   Michoacán


  Entertainment, History and Culture:
- Colonial Art Museum.
- Contemporary Art Museum.
- Arts and Crafts Museum.
- Michoacán State Museum.
- Plaza de Armas.
- Romance Alley.
- Juárez and Zoológico Parks.
- Fray Antonio de San Miguel Driveway
- Rosa Garden.

- "Artes e Industrias Populares" Museum.
- "Vasco de Quiroga" Square.
- Casa de los Once Patios.

- Morelia Cathedral.
- Basílica of Our Lady of Health.
- Compañía Jesús Temple and College.

Archeological Sites: Tzinztuzntzan and Ihuatzio.

Towns: Morelia, Pátzcuaro, Uruapan.

Adventures, Ecotourism and Water Sports:
- El Rosario de la Mariposa Monarca Sanctuaries.
- Cuauhtemoc forest.
- Pátzcuaro Lake.
- Campos Cove (Bahía Bufadero).
- The Azufres.
- Zirahúen Lake.
- Eduardo Ruiz Callejón del Romance National Park.
- Reino de Atzimba.

Beaches: La Ticla, Nexpa, Azul Beach, Campos Cove (Bahía Bufadero), Maruata, Las Peñas Beaches, Estero de Pichi.

Morelia Golf:
- Campestre de Zacapú Club.
- Campestre de Morelia Golf Course.

Of special interest are the Festivities for the Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro and adjacent Lakes and Islets.
  • Mexico and Michoacan
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Michoacán, comes from the náhuatl language meaning “fishing area”, is one of the most beautiful States in Mexico. You can find magical and traditional cities, exquisite cuisine, adventure tourism and much more. It is found southwest of the central region of Mexico, in an ecological rich region, thanks to the geological volcano type formations that come from South Sierra Maestra. With a surface of 59,864 square kilometers it makes up between its natural boundaries almost 217 kilometers of Pacific coasts, from the mouth of the Balsas River to the Coahuayana River.

Michoacan, is the birthplace of the invincible Purepecha Empire that flourished and extended almost throughout the center of the country. Currently, it is possible to enjoy the cultural richness of the empire in the archeological vestiges of the region like Tzinztuzntzan and Ihuatzio and the indigenous population both in the shores of Lake Patzcuaro as well as the Purepecha Plateau, Zacapu Swamp and the Once Pueblos Gully are rich in traditions. It also has other fiestas that reveal its idiosyncrasy and customs and you can see it refleced in its typical towns and beautiful colonial cities like Pátzcuaro and Morelia, this capital of the State and recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In Michoacán, “Soul of Mexico”, extreme sports, variety of landscapes and ecotourism is not an exception without the virtue that makes the State great and which is geographically divided in 6 regions: Lázaro Cárdenas, Zamora, Morelia, Patzcuaro, Uruapan, and Zitacuaro. In the Lazaro Cardenas region, you can enjoy one of the excellent alternatives for a visitor to relax in the beautiful Michoacan coastline with the gorgeous beaches like Maruata, Faro de Bucerías, Estero de Picho, Mezcala lagoon and the ideal beaches for surfing like La Ticla and Nexpa, all belonging to the municipality of Aquila. IN Uruapan, you can appreciate the majestic Paricutin volcano, the youngest in the world.

In Michoacán territory, you can discover natural areas where the National Parks have been established like Barranca del Cupatitzio and Jose Maria Morelos, that will allow you to carry out activities like camping, ecotourism and extreme sports like mountain biking in addition to Ecological Protection areas like Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries, made up by forests where migratory species comply with its reproduction cycles.

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