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Huatulco   Huatulco   Huatulco


  Archeological Sites: Punta Celeste, within the Botazoo Ecological Park.

Towns: Santa María Huatulco and La Crucecita.

Adventures, Ecotourism, Diving Snorkeling, Fish and other Water Sports:
- Huatulco Bays National Park.
- Magic Waterfalls of Copalitilla.
- Copalitilla River and Copalita River.
- Botazoo Ecological Park.
- The Conejos and Bocana Viewpoints.

Bays: Tangolunda Bay, Cacaluta Bay, Conejos Bay, Santa Cruz Bay, Chachacual Bay, Órganos and Maguey Bays, Riscalillo Bay, San Agustín Bay.

Beaches: Chahué, Esperanza y Tejón (Bahía de Chahué); Cacaluta, Arroyo (Bahía de Cacaluta); Conejos, Punta Arenas, Arena y Tejoncito (Bahía Conejos); Santa Cruz, La Yerbabuena y La Entrega (Bahía Santa Cruz); Chachacual y La India (Bahía de Chachacual); Playa Maguey y Órganos (Bahías de Órganos y Maguey); Riscalillo (Bahía Riscalillo); San Agustín, Cacalutilla (Bahía San Agustín); Ventura, Manzanillo, Tornillo, Tangolunda y Rincón Sabroso (Bahía de Tangolunda).

Golf: Tangolunda Golf Club.
  • Barceló Huatulco Beach
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Huatulco is a natural paradise located in the southern coast of the Mexican Pacific region belonging to the State of Oaxaca. It is home to one of the country´s most important ecosystems and with the impressive Sierra Madre del Sur, unites nine beautiful bays, a protected area which later become the Bahias de Huatulco National Park. Its topography is made up of mountains, valleys and hills; however the area is much more attractive, which includes in its surroundings with traditional ports like Angel Port, in addition to pictoresque towns.

Inhabited in the prehispanic time by the mixed indians, the area was called Cuahtolco, which means in zapoteca language “place where the wood is venerated”. During the Spanish conquer, it was widely used as a commercial port, incident which provoked the incursions of pirates. In 1850, Benito Juarez, founded the Villa of Crespo what is today Huatulco.
In the framework of the abundant and generous nature, the Huatulco Bays make up a modern and busy destination, equipped with a wide tourism infrastructure with its hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, stores and a variety of services, together with the large offer of activities and tourism recreation. In addition to having good air, land, sea communications and the Puerto Escondido-Salina Cruz highway, the Oaxaca-Pochutla and an international airport.

Bays of Huatulco offers natural scenery thoughout the wide and deep bays that invite you to carry out alternative tourism activities, extreme sports and ecotourism and in each one of them you can appreciate impresive flora and fauna. A large part of its richness lies in its 36 beaches distributed in its nine bays, the majority have peaceful waves and crystal clear waters. Bahi Tangolunda is among the best where you can find hotels in addition to one of the best golf courses in the Mexican Pacific; and Bahia Santa Cruz, considered as one of the main ecological reserves of the place and where you can find a wide submarine park and large coral reefs.

Huatulco, is much more than sea, rivers and sun. You can explore the environment on car or motorcycle, also on bike. Visit the town of La Crucecita, the Conejos and the Bocana viewpoints, or the Botazoo Ecological Park. A ride on horse will take you to a tropical jungle and reach the Copalita River, in which you can horseback riding along the shore and if you prefer you can go swimming in the crystal waters of the Pacific.

A tour of the coffee plantations is another of the region’s tourism attractions, starting with the town of Santa Maria Madani. For those that want to see the bay from a height, the magic word is rappel, in the archeological area of Punta Celeste and Copalita River. In Huatulco there are several routes where you can walk down in variuos levels, in canoes, rafts or kayak: no matter if you are a rookie or a veteran.

If you prefer water sports go to Huatulco Bays and there you can find any of the modalities found in the region. For its marine richness, it has not only turned into a great site for diving but also snorkeling, but also during the months of April and May, they host a Fishing tournament.

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