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Guadalajara   Guadalajara   Guadalajara


  Historic and Culture:
- Jalisco House.
- Callejón del Diablo (Tourism House).
- Tapatía Plaza.
- Cabañas Cultural Institute.
- Guadalajara Zoo.
- Belén Panteón.
- PlanetarioPark.
- Palacio de Gobierno.
- Zapopan Municipal Palace.
- State General Treasury Building.
- Tonalá Municipal Presidency.
- Degollado Theater.
- Former Carmen Convent.
- XV Military Zone General Headquaters.

Museums: Paleontología Museum, Wax Museum, City Museum, Graphic Arts Museum.

Churches: Our Lady of Zapopan Basílica, Chapel of Jesus, Guadalajara Cathedral, Ermita de Guadalupe, El Cabildo Eclesiástico, among others.

Archaelogical sites: El Ixtepete or Iztepete; Etzatlán and Guachimontones (Tumbas de Tiro).

Towns: The muncipalities that make up the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone: Juanacatlán, Tlaquepaque, El Salto, Tonalá, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Ixtlahuacán del Río and Zapopan.

Adventures, Ecotourism, Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing and other Water Sports:
- Tapalpa.
- Forest: El Centinela, Los Colomos and La Primavera.
- Chapala Lake.
- Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve.
- Las Pintas Reservoir.
- Viewpoint Dr. Atl in the Barranca Park of Oblatos-Huentitán.
- El Diente in Blanco River.
- La Hidro in the Barranca Park in Oblatos-Huentitán.

Gardens: Dr. Atl Garden, Francisco Zarco Garden, Botanical Gardens, Sanctuary Garden.

Parks: Metropolitan Park, Revolution Park, Barranca Park in Oblatos-Huentitán, Morelos Park, Alcalde Park, Agua Azul Park, Ibero-American Solidarity Park, Liberation Park, Roberto Montenegro, El Paradero, San Rafael Park, San Jacinto Park.

- Guadalajara Country Club.
- Chula Vista Country Club.
- Las Cañadas Country Club.
- El Palomar Country Club.
- Club Golf Santa Anita.
- Atlas Country Club.
- Chapala Country Club.
- Rancho Contento Golf Course.
- Tapalpa Country Club
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Mexico destinations
Guadalajara is a beautiful municipality in Valle de Atmajac, in the western region of the Republic of Mexico some 450 kilometers from Mexico city. It is the proud capital of the State of Jalisco since 1824 as well as the center of the urban area that carries its name: Guadalajara´s Metropolitan Zone, the second most populated in the country. Its name comes from the Arab word, “Wad-al-hidjara”, which means “river that runs between rocks”, in honor of the birthplace of Nuño Beltran de Guzman, conquerer of the land.

The city is one of the country´s most important industrial and economic sites, in addition to its elevated services infrastructure. It is well known in the world for its traditions; its cultural and recreational attractions, its folklore, mariachi groups as well as arts and crafts, tequila and national sport called charrería; without forgetting its exquisite cuisine.

More than a city, Guadalajara is the perfect representation of Mexican identity. Its solid cultural identity has given it an iconography image. With a legacy of over four centuries of history, that endorses the richness of its civil and religious architecture, in addition to its historic and natural values, many recognized as a World Heritage Site. It has a number of museums, beginning with its historic center through which, you could admire the history and national roots, to the most interesting manifestation of contemporary art.

In the surrounding areas of the Metropolitan Zone you can visit towns like Zapopan, the most important religious center in the country´s west; in Tonalá and Tlaquepaque, you will find the best arts and crafts work and pottery throughout the country. Towards the south you will find Chapala, with its magic and ideal lake for you to walk, ride on a yacht, tour on bike or horseback riding and if you prefer you can visit the charaleros ranch; without forgetting the pictoresque town of Tequila, located close the volcano of the name namne where they prepare drinks typical of Mexico. While in San Juan Cósala you can enjoy thermal waters.

The natural richness of the municipality is represented by several forest zones with its significant reserves of flora and fauna like the Primavera Forest, Los Colomos and Barranca de Oblatos-Huentitán this last one is an ecological reserve and beautiful making this a spectacular site of family and sports enjoyment.

Its rivers and lakes offers a great diversity of species to enjoy sports fishing; which among other areas, make up the ideal scenario to practice a countless number of adventure sports, ecotourism, as well as outdoor activities. You can find your own sites surrounded by hills and go hiking or rappel.
Guadalajara is also the site of the best and most exclusive golf courses in Mexico and many important international tournament are held each year.

A tour to archaeological sites are significant like El Ixtepete or Iztepete, in Zapopan; Etzatlan in the area with the same name and Guachimontones (Tumbas de Tiro) some 2 kilometers north of Ahualulco de Mercado. Come and enjoy Guadalajara and have an unforgettable vacation!

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