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Its strategic and rich location has made Campeche into one of the prefered spots for the Pirates of the Caribbean. The people from Campeche responded by turning their city into a bulwark, in a system of walls, batteries and castle turning it into an impregnable fortress. From its militant past the city´s rich architecture gives visitors a previleged place. San Miguel stands out for its size, excellent state of conservation and wonderful view that it offers. San carlos, first defense of the city that stopped the attacks that reached from the sea, was constructed in 1610 after an attack by pirate William Parker. This building is currently used as a city museum.

The traditional Casa 6 is located in the center of the city, a house museum where you can revive the daily life of the campechanos of the past. In this magnificent residence you can find a cultural and tourism center which is the starting point for those that visit the State. Campeche Cathedral can also be found in the historic center, maximum piece of the city´s religious architecture. From its humble beginnings as a church with a roof of palm leaves the Cathedral was turned into a majestic building which can currently be visited.

The traditional malecon of Campeche represents an unimaginable architectural model that symbolizes a monument of any construction. This is a place to rest living with family and society. It incluyes important avenues, traffic island and pedestrian walk offering the public major security. There are also viewpoint in specific points where you can admire the area´s beauty. This area allows the visitor to meet the enigma of a maritime city, enjoy a trip where the breeze and dawn are your best friend.

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