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  Bird Watching
  Mexico is one of the most rich nations in the World in biological resources, it occupies an important place by its diversity of plants and animals, placing it among the first 12 countries with the most flora and fauna in the world and has 60 protected areas.
  Whale Watching
  Mexico is known for being witness of the biggest sea mammal migration in the planet. Hundreds o gray whales travel from Alaska during the months of December and November. They gather in the warm waters of low California to mate and give birth.
  Butterfly Watching
  Looked at by ancient cultures as a symbol of beauty and mysticism, the butterflies was the souls of warriors that died in battle or sacrificed for the Aztecs. It seems as though their only current purpose is to enjoy their beauty, but more than that, they are excellent polinizers and indicators of a change of the environment.

The vast mexican territory and the diverse geography including extends mountains chains, valleys, jungles, swamps, rivers make of this country ideal for trekking, ideal for  people who loves to walk and be in permanent contact with the nature.

  Monkey Watching

Mexico has a variety and endemic species of monkeys in many different regions of its territory. It is great to watch them in their habitat.

  Flora Watching
  Mexico is one of twelve countries with more flora and fauna in the world. Two of the six big biogeographic regions in the planet are present meet in its 1,981,547 kilometer territory: the Neoartic and the Neotropical, this brings about a great richness in biodiversity, and a high number of endemic species.

The number of Natural Parks existing in Mexico allow campers to practice this hobby in many regions and different areas of the country. No campers will get boring of camping in Mexico. In the mountains as well as in the valleys you will find good condition for campers to have a great time admiring the splendid nature of Mexico.

  Exhotic animals

The observer of animals will love to watch the many exotic species they will find in Mexico. A great diversity of fauna could be appreciated in this magnificent country.

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