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  Mexico´s National Festivals

Mexico is a cheerful country characterized by its colors and traditions. The majority of the festivals are religious, as they are held to commemorate the Patron Saints according to the religious calendar or set dates, following the tradition of each town where they are held. Other dates related to social and political history of the nation are also celebrated.
  Mexican Carnavals

Mexican carnavals, are an impressive image of paradox and constrasts, expression of the fusion between hispanic and indigenous cultures. It has its origins from the Christian religion. The Spanish are used to celebrating the beginning of Lent a day in advance. The indigenous population were excluded from celebrating the day. The natives then began organizing their own festival in which they would make fun of the Spanish. That is how the Mexican carnavals began. Among the most outstanding and attractive carnavals is firstly, the ones held in Veracruz, also the Mazatlan, Acapulco, Manzanilo, Merida, campeche, Oaxaca and Villahermosa fiestas.

  The same way language is part of a nation´s cultural identity, food also constitutes an important element. These are the more cohesive and resistant cultural characteristics in any society, what better survives emmigration or foreign political domination. Thanks to the Prehispanic and Spanish legacy, the Mexican cuisine gathers flavors of two continents in colorful, good smell and tasty dishes, considered by many as one with the most variety and rich in the world.
  Mexico is the second country with the most Catholics in the world, after Brazil. Anthropologists interpret Mexico’s main religious practice as a phenomenon called Popular Religion, consisting of magical-religious rituals in a syncretism of Shamanic and Catholic traditions. Elements from other beliefs have adhered to the Catholic religion, mainly of Prehispanic, African and Asian origin.

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